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Hide details for JavaJava
JSHN8N7SFT Fixes a Domino server crash when the backend classes are used to get the view title on a view note and the title field does not...
RGAU8SVJG8 Fixes issue where a search in xPages is failing due to a 1024 byte limitation on the search query
TMDS8MQMPYFixes an issue where clients using XenApp Active Directory and setting "Time Zone Redirection" via "Group Policy Object" editor caused the Lotus...
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
GGRD8SBTFDFixes where IllegalStateException is received when attempting to fix a LotusScript Library which was previously saved with an error
Hide details for LotusScript Editor on EclipseLotusScript Editor on Eclipse
RGAU8MSJU5 Fixes issue where the error "Error Loading Use Or Uselsx Module" is received in Designer when updating the language regional setting to...
Hide details for MailMail
RRAL8M5MGSFixed an issue which occurred when sending a confirmation of an Event Announcement to a group that contains duplicate subgroups. The message would...
PTHN87DRAAFixed an issue surrounding an expired token that would lead to hundreds of duplicate requests...
Hide details for Mail ServerMail Server
JWER86BNBXFixes high CPU consumption on router task on Domino Server due to hang in the lcu subsystem
TPON8N7DKT Fixes issue where return receipt does not include the return receipt body when disclaimers are enabled
Hide details for MIMEMIME
JPAI8TPS39This is a companion fix to spr BHUY8PRK7S
JPAI8TPS39This is a companion fix to spr BHUY8PRK7S
TDON8QLHNSFixes SMTP hang with increased CPU consumption due to an attachment file name that is greater than 255 characters
Hide details for Networking & DialupNetworking & Dialup
PHEY8RJHXRFixed a performance issue where creating multiple documents with attachments led to high NETIO delays on Linux, Mac, and IBM i, resulting in slower...
Hide details for ReplicationReplication
ADC8QQA8MFixes Notes Client crash with "Unknown Error in process Unknown" that was caused multiple threads accessing a redirect server list at the same...
MOBN6ZKLBHFixes issue where synching contacts does not failover to another replicas
MOBN6ZKLBHFixes issue where syncing contacts does not failover to any other replicas
RMAA8Q575EFixes an issue that caused a Server crash in nnotes.NSFNoteClose in the nreplica task. Under certain circumstances this crash could occur while...
PACY8M6HN6Fixed an issue where if the Synchronize Contacts feature is in use in Notes 8.x, a user who uses a Location document to switch to another mail file...
Hide details for Roaming userRoaming user
PJOK8NNSSXFixes issue where Client interactions are being terminated as the result of a roaming upgrade check blocking the UI thread
PJOK8LPHFZ Fixes issue where when sync contacts is enabled, the Notes client tries to replicate the databases that don't have a replica on the home mail server...
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